Neo Synthetic Oil

Cooling System Test Strips

NEO Cooling System Test Strips are used to test automotive coolant for acid corrosion. The test strips will work in both ethylene glycol and propylene glycol as well as mixtures containing both. The test strips work equally well in water only coolant.

NEO Cooling System Test Strips test the reserve alkalinity in the cooling system. Reserve alkalinity is a laboratory term that indicates how well the coolant system can resist corrosion. The opposite of alkalinity is acid, and even the slightest acid conditions in the coolant system will cause corrosion. Without a prevention and maintenance effort all coolant systems will become acidic and corrosive.


The use of the NEO Cooling System Test Strips can save the expense of damage to the coolant system. Damage that can cause engine overheating can be virtually eliminated.


For automotive use, the coolant system should be tested at every "PM" (scheduled preventive maintenance) or every 10,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. It should also be checked after the coolant system has been serviced: such as water pump or thermostat replacement.


NEO Cooling System Test Strips come in packages of five. Coolant should be at room temperature (50F - 100F). Dip one strip into coolant for two seconds, remove, shake off excess on strip, after ten seconds match color to chart on package and read condition. If condition is borderline or unsatisfactory replace coolant with NEO Propylene Glycol or add NEO’s Antifreeze Additive corrosion protector to coolant. Repeat test.

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