Neo Synthetics

HPCC - 1 Grease



Tenacious lubricating film

Resists high shock load

Excellent water seal

Resists water washout

Prevents rust and corrosion

Wide operating temperature range

Product Description

NEO HPCC #1 Grease (High Performance Calcium Complex) is a specialty grease for linear and oscillating mechanisms and couplings, such as constant velocity couplings (CV joints) and sealed bearings. It will take heavy shock loads, frequent axial movements, large speed variations, and frequent reversing. It is made with a high molecular weight synthetic base stock and will withstand extreme temperatures. It has a very strong resistance to water washout in rain or even salt water.

NEO HPCC #1 Grease is designed for low oil separation under centrifuging. It is classified as an NLGl #1 Grade grease but will react to the amount of shear loading and will stiffen to a hard #2 Grade grease. The grease is designed to "skin over" to create a shell that resists dirt and moisture, but this shell does not in any way detract from the lubricating qualities. For this reason, this is an excellent product for "sealed for life" bearings or large open gears. It is equally at home in dusty climates and very wet locations.


Vehicular uses of NEO HPCC #1 Grease are typically constant velocity couplings (CV joints) and wheel bearings. Industrial applications include linear reciprocating mechanisms, heavily loaded ways and guides, spline couplings subject to linear motion and heavy loads in either direction, press fit and assembly operations, jack screws, mechanical presses, cable dressings, and very slow large diameter ball and roller bearings.

Specifications *

 NEO High Performance Calcium Complex (HPCC) #1 Grease is classified as N.L.G.l. Grade 1 and will work stiffen to Grade 2. Color is Moly Gray.

Specification   Value Test Method Viscosity
Base Oil ISO Viscosity 1500  
Viscosity Index 155  
Viscosity: @ 100 F 725 cSt  
@ 210 F 70 cSt  
Viscosity Increase @ 100 F 10.5% 72 hours
  @ 210 F 6.7% 72 hours
Unworked Penetration @ 77 F 330  
Worked Penetration @ 77 F 300 60 strokes
  260 60,000 strokes
4-Ball EP Weld Load None Shell; 800 Kg
Load Wear Index 160  
4-Ball Wear Scar 1.72 mm 800 Kg, 10 seconds
Endurance Wear Scar 1.45 mm Shell; 500 Kg @ 900 rpm, 5 minutes
Evaporation Loss @ 300 F 1.4% 300 hours
  @ 400 F 2.1% 72 hours
Oil Separation 5.0% Cone Method; 30 hours @ 350F FTM Standard 791-6,321.2 D942 Pressure Drop, 400 hours
Oxidation Stability <4.0%  
Dropping Point 545F  
Pour Point -18F  
Flash Point 545F  
Fire Point 580F  
Density @ 60 F 9.11 pounds/gallon

* Subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.

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