Neo Synthetic Oil

Hand Cleaner


Cleans greasy hands

Provides protective film

Gentle formulation

No harsh chemicals

Reduces plumbing stoppages


NEO Hand Cleaner will clean the greasiest mechanic's hands. Even better, it provides an invisible shield from oily dirt and chlorinated hydrocarbons when applied before working. The formulation includes conditioners and emollients; it contains no solvents, ammonia, silicones, lanolin, or abrasives to irritate the skin. It is equally suitable in an automotive garage or on the kitchen sink.

NEO Hand Cleaner is a water-based liquid, and since it contains no solids, it will not make a mess in the sink or clog drains. It can be used in the dispenser bottle supplied by NEO or in a standard liquid soap dispenser. It is odorless and biodegradable.

NEO Hand Cleaner can be applied before the work-shift. Rub it in thoroughly and blot of any excess with a paper towel. It acts as an invisible shield against petroleum-based dirt and it retains skin moisture. It not only keeps oily dirt from being absorbed by the skin, but it protects the skin from the drying action of solvents. At lunch time, it can be washed off by applying a little more NEO Hand Cleaner and then washing with water. It should be used again the same way for the afternoon shift

Only a small amount of the NEO Hand Cleaner is needed to do the job. It can be used in service shops or industrial washrooms without causing expensive plumbing or clean-up problems. It is particularly useful in restaurants or other establishments where the public uses the same washroom; the customers will appreciate the cleaner washbasin. All-in-all, it is a very economical hand cleaner for general use in industry or the home.


NEO Hand Cleaner is supplied in a modest sized squeeze bottle, and in quart and gallon refill bottles. Pump dispensers are available for the refill sizes to facilitate refilling wall-mounted dispensers or counter-top pump dispensers.

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