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Radiator Cleaner

Radiator Cleaner

The Do-It-Yourself Way to safely clean
your engine's cooling system.

NEO Radiator Cleaner is a highly alkaline radiator cleaner

A quick and easy method to remove grease, minerals, dirt and grime

The importance of a clean system...

The normal operation of an engine manufactures many contaminants which can foul and clog your engine's cooling system. Lube oils, fuel oils, silt, dirt and exhaust gas all enter the cooling system in one way or another. All of these unwanted elements are detrimental to the system. Engines that have been operating without the proper inhibitors, or with antifreeze alone, are not protected against rust, corrosion and deposits which collect and damage the system's ability to transfer heat. Combustion temperatures can reach as high as 3000 F. One third or more of this heat must be carried away by the engine's cooling system. So, it is essential that the cooling system be clean and kept clean.

NEO Radiator Cleaner is a highly alkaline product that is designed to clean your engine's cooling system quickly and safely.


Follow these easy steps.

Simply drain your cooling system and flush your radiator to remove as much dirt and grime as possible. Refill with one pint (16 fluid oz.) of NEO Radiator Cleaner for each 3 gallons water cooling system capacity. Start the engine and let it run for one to one-and-one- half hours. Drain and flush with clean water. You may have to do this more than once, depending on condition of radiator. Then refill with water and NEO Antifreeze mix 50/50.

  The Importance of a clean and protected system...

Once your cooling system has been thoroughly cleaned with NEO Radiator Cleaner, the next most important step is protection. NEO manufactures some of the finest rust and corrosion inhibitors made. To keep your engine's cooling system in tip-top condition, protect your system with NEO Antifreeze. Mix: 50/50.

CAUTION: Contains alkali. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. Do not take internally. In case of contact with skin, immediately flush with plenty of soap and water. For eyes, Flush with water for 15 minutes. Call a physician.

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