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NASA Driving Suit Information

The Coolest, Lightest Weight Suit on the Track!

NASA airflow

NASA Style II (Arrows Show Vented Air flow)

Increase Your Finishing Position, Comfort & Safety in a NASA Suit

NASA suit knit venting allows air intrusion to displace heated, moisture-laden air. Evaporative cooling, wind chill factor, humidity removal and displacement can lower interior suit temperature below ambient temperature. A one degreeIndy Suit rise in body temperature signifcantly lowers concentration - increasing driver error rates.

Driver overheating accounts for late in the race incidents (remember locking up the brakes last summer going into the last turn - sweat in your eyes and brain muddled?) Thus, we can claim our suits provide a real racing advantage!

Air enters the vented billboard (cooling the heart and blood storage cavity) and exits under the knit arm attachments, evaporating moisture on the way. Arm and leg vents dispel muscular heat buildup. Our over-size knit collar acts as a heat chimney, allowing cooling of blood in arteries supplying the brain.

Quality, construction features Kevlar lightweight liner, stylized epaulets, piping, lined pockets, and flat seam stitching. In stock, S to XXXL (including tall and short), and colors galore including knit checkerboards, teal, purple, yellow and grey.

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