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Insulation Materials


Gold Foil

Gold Reflective Film which is an aero-space material capable of reflecting 78% of all radiant heat with a continuous operating temperature of 450 deg. The film is a metalized polyimide polymer laminated glass cloth with a high temperature pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive which is easy to apply and remove. This material is light weight @ 5oz/sq yd.

This material is used extensively in F1, Indy Car, NASCAR and sports cars world wide for heat rejection. Typical applications include, but not limited to, engine covers, side pods, suspension, under trays/floors, seat bottoms, fire walls/bulk heads etc.

This film is 24" wide and sold by the linear foot.

$31.95per. ft


Header Insulation Tape


Contains exhaust heat for better velocity and scavenging more power - plus cooler under hood temps. 2" wide. 100' roll is enough for most V8 headers. Use to insulate exhaust collectors and pipes, mufflers, oil and fuel lines.

Part No. Size Price
64850 100' Black 2 X1/16" Thick $65.95
64870 50' Black 2 X1/16" Thick $36.95


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