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Heat Barrier - 40" Wide

Heavy Weight Aluminized Glass Cloth

Aluminized heat barrier, .60 thick, of stranded fiberglass with a flexible aluminized finish. The highly reflective surface of the material is capable of withstanding radiant temperatures in excess of 2000°F with a maximum continuous temperature of 350 deg. F. In applications for retaining heat, such as manifolds and exhaust systems the fabric side of the material should be facing the heat source. It can be installed using standard rivets with a backup washer or weather strip adhesive. Clamps or straps can be used to hold the blanket in place for manifolds or exhaust systems.

$22.75 per lineal foot

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Fire Sleeve

Manufactured from high bulk knitted or braided fiberglass sleeving, coated with a custom compounded silicone rubber. Designed to form a protective barrier and extend the life of hydraulic lines, hoses, wires and cables in areas of extreme heat exposure in hazardous environments.

Available in orange silicone cover or aluminized cover

Orange Cover Firesleeve w/ fibreglass liner

Part No. Size - I.D. Price Per Ft.
BH-4 -4 hose $3.72
BH-6 -6 hose $4.04
BH-8 -8 hose $4.94
BH-10 -10 hose $5.53
BH-12 -12 hose $6.03
BH-16 -16 hose $8.28
BH-20 -20 hose $8.58
BH-24 -24 hose $12.02
BH-28 -28 hose $12.98
BH-32 -32 hose $13.65

Note - To Determine Firesleeve Size Needed:
Find The O.D Of The Hose You Wish To Cover

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Silver Cover firesleeve w/fibreglass liner

Part No. Size - I.D. Price Per Ft.
BH-4S -4 hose $3.72
BH-6S -6 hose $4.04
BH-8S -8 hose $4.94
BH-10S -10 hose $5.53
BH-12S -12 hose $6.03
BH-16S -16 hose $8.28
BH-20S -20 hose $8.58
BH-24S -24 hose $12.02

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