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Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser

What The Pros Use To Keep Their Shops Clean

Cleans engine parts and chassis components as well as the garage floor plus you can wash your hands with it !!!


100% biodegradable

Safe to use - non toxic, non polluting and non flammable

Economical - Can be diluted to 2 oz. per gallon of water

Product Description

NEO Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser was designed to replace caustics and solvents that are currently being used in the industrial market place and to maintain the same high quality of cleanability with safety for the environment and personnel being the prime characteristics. It is blended for optimum cleaning and removal of oil, grease, dirt and grime by penetrating and releasing the soil from heavily coated surfaces. NEO Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser may be used as received, or may be diluted to as much as 2 fluid ounces per gallon. The most efficient use is to run a quick test to determine the minimum concentration which will result in the desired cleaning action. The use of temperature (such as in steam-cleaning) will materially aid in the removal of soils, particularly those which are very viscous. 


1 Gallon - $27.50

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