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Bumper Mount Ducts

Air Duct

Part No.   Description Price


3"inlet 5-3/4"H X?5"D X 9-1/2"W

Single Hose Bumper Mount Duct $24.57
BRP4221 3"inlet  4-1/2"H X 5"D X 11"W Dual Hose Bumper Mount Duct $29.45
BRP4223 N/A Please call Dual Hose Oil Cooler Duct $31.95


NACA Ducts


Clear Plastic

Part No. Dimensions Description Price


3"Inlet 4-1/2"H X 6"D X 10"W Single Hose NACA Duct $32.03
BRP4217 3"inlet 4-3/4"H X 9"D X 10"W Dual Hose NACA Duct $32.03


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